Welcome to HID Group

Our start

HID Group has roots that can be traced back to 1955, when former GMH employees J. Hill and J. Dooley commenced operations as practising accountants in a new enterprise designed to provide taxation and consulting services to the oil and automotive industries. Known as H.I.D., the firm created a computer division in 1975 to provide a bureau service to the accounting clients and programming services to larger corporate clients, including the design and implementation of a Retail Automotive Dealer System for Toyota Australia in 1979.

Since then, HID Group has continued to provide all types of business owners with the help they need to ultimately improve profitability through a better understanding of the financial aspects of their business.

Our culture

HID Group is a professional advisory firm whose aim is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of its clients and its people. Decisive. Resourceful. Creative. Are only some qualities you will find in each one of our employees. The firm has a simple philosophy – that clients are best served when long-term relations are established, based on a thorough understanding of their business.

Our scorecard

HID Group has built a reputation that has weathered the winds of change and moved with them. See what our clients say about us by clicking on the Testimonials button in the left hand panel.

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